What went from $1B to $4B in a month?

Pump it up Changemakers,

Werner and I have been eagerly staring at our investing apps over the past two weeks as multiple crypto-underdogs lose their muzzles and start biting there way back into bull runs.

As a new investor myself, I pulled out my XRP a little too early and should have just listened to my co-writer/analyst's opinion. I mean, he is sitting right next to me

💁 We hope your portfolios are enjoying the sunrise and just want to personally wish you all a safe, wonderful, and prosperous day.

Oh, and here's what the inside of a rolling car tire looks like.

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🐣 DeFi-nally!

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is DeFinitely a hot topic and a hot commodity. Today we hope to DeFine it a bit better for you and, while there is a DeFicit or two to decentralisation, there are DeFinitive, positive attributes that make its value clear.

🤷‍♂️ What is DeFi and did you finish using "DeFi puns" in the first paragraph? Yes, no more puns. DeFi is a move away from the financial control of governments and banks. It places that control into a tonne of computers and software, built in such a way that no one person or persons have control or the ability to just change things.

Central banks are just people, and people make mistakes,” says Salil Deshpande

🐂 Can you give an example? Ethereum (ETH). This is arguably the grandest case of DeFi out there. Unlike Bitcoin, ETH was built for use cases and applications. Smart contracts have been among the most dominant of reasons that ETH has soared in value recently - jumping 75% in no time at all to a whopping $400. Many believe that DeFi's tremendous growth may be abetting this.

From June to August, the total amount locked in DeFi applications and contracts shot from $1B to $4B.

🐣 Why do I care? DeFi just recently hatched. This chick is only a couple years old and the market is growing tremendously. XRP, Cardano, Chainlink, and Ethereum have all been working hard to expand their arsenal of PoW/PoS products and with each release comes a wonderfully timed pump in price. Paying attention to this market could potentially pay you back.

You should consider a rise in DeFi applications a DeFinite possibility (sorry).

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support

🇷🇺 OK, G. Be Careful

In an outspoken effort to further curb terrorist financing, money laundering, and other related issues, the friendly Russian government has placed a ban on anonymous crypto-wallet addresses.

Data from RBC shows that there are ten million wallets (or more!) that can and will be affected by this across popular services such as PayPal and Yandex. This law was orchestrated in 2019 (remember how nice that year sounds now?) in July and service providers were allowed 12 months to become compliant with its statutes.

This law comes to affect 2B transfers and over 1.7T rubles each year. Not only affecting e-wallet services, this law also touches into the borders of transport cards (used in over 75 Russian cities) and even cards carried by schoolchildren.

Experts quoted on the report claim they believe that individual persons of e-wallet services may not be so affected as the service providers themselves. However, compliance with this law is probably a good idea.

A privacy loss or a step towards better crime fighting? You tell me.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support

🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis

Hello Changemakers,

Please accept my extreme apology, but due to unforeseen circumstances our analyst, Werner, wasn't able to be available this week to create our wonderfully illustrated and explained, weekly Bitcoin analysis.

I've decided to keep the image below in the letter, but please note that this is last week's chart. We will be back in full swing next week and look forward to explaining all of Bitcoin's crazy

🐂 bull swings! Hopefully we continue in the same direction.

Sincerely hope you forgive our inability to deliver this week. If you're actively using Change Invest for trading, please note the wonderful features we provide to all our customers:

️☝️ Bitcoin Signals - market sentiment meter showing the bearish and bullish sentiment of the current market

️✌️ In-app News - each crypto curates its own news from around the web, right inside the Change Invest application
🤟 Simple Charts - 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 year, and 5 year charts to show the heartbeat of your favourite cryptos

👌 Price Alerts - quality notifications on cryptos you choose to hear about when the price moves significantly up or down (this is my personal favourite)

Stay up to date and we look forward to writing your next publication of The Changemaker.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support

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