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Hello Changemakers,

102 years of freedom! That's what we celebrated here in Estonia on Monday 🇪🇪

Despite common misconceptions, Estonia is more than
black bread, blood sausage, and smokey saunas. Our independence has resulted in Tallinn becoming Europe's startup hub! From Skype, to Transferwise, and onto us here at Change, Estonia has given innovators the chance to easily plant their ideas and grow them into truly innovative businesses.

So the next time you see someone jumping into a frozen lake, drinking vodka with a pickle on the side, or showing off their all-black wardrobe, just know they may also be changing the world.

Terviseks! We're excited to have you being such a crucial part of Change.

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🇺🇸 Sanctions over Satoshi - America’s Fear of Dominance

Need a job? The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence wants you! America knows the U.S. Dollar is losing some steam in the world as digital currencies rise and Chinese and Indian industries grow and compete for dominance. What does this mean to the Land of the Free?

The Dollar has some opponents and national security is the common cry from the National Intelligence community when it comes to this fear of second place. Why does it matter? “It enables the U.S. to impose and enforce sanctions on entities that violate treaties or international law” was the biggest quote on the matter we pulled from Zintellect; it goes on to say that “any international transaction settled in US dollars, gives the U.S. jurisdiction over financial crimes associated with those transactions.

It’s all about control. And the U.S. has a lot of it! With active military based in nearly 150 different countries globally, its scope of power is heavily reliant on the power of the Dollar behind it. With a constant banter towards fighting terrorism, the fear in digital currencies gaining momentum and use by organisations such as ISIS becomes predominant. However, blockchain has relentlessly answered this fear with its common-sense ledgers, traceability, and private companies like Chainalysis that continue to find innovative ways to combat crime.

It’s a bit natural for a world leader to fear its standing position of power to begin ebbing a bit. And such is the case here.

If...these scenarios or others come to pass, the U.S. would lose both its status in the world and its global authorities.

👻 Bitcoin, Over My Dead Body

What happens to all your Bitcoin when you kick the metaphorical bucket? If you did a good job keeping your wallets secure then your family may want to know how they can access all that wealth you’ve accrued since your first $1 investment ten years ago (can you imagine buying BTC at $0.06!).

Well, get yourself a death button! Don’t worry, it actually works when you don’t push it. Back in 2019, Joost Jager (cheers) of Lightning Labs asked about messaging over the lighting network with this Github link included. It was a cry for true censorship-resistant chatting with network compensation for successfully relaying the requests. Now? Some companies have already made the dead man’s switch a reality through the same basic principles, or FinalMessage as this company more pleasantly states.

The idea is simple: you, a Bitcoin investor extraordinaire, are planning what happens to your crypto when you pass away. Every week, month, once a year you send a message that signals you being alive and well. Don’t send that message? Secrets are dispensed according to what you’ve requested and your significant other can now bask in the wealth of your glorious coinage.

Proof-of-concept, but not yet ready. At least according to Pamela Morgan. In her recent interview with Coindesk this author, lawyer, and inheritance expert stated:

Relying on such solutions for something as important as inheritance is likely to cause catastrophic loss…”

While these solutions are definitely there, it may be a good thing to give them a little more time to ripen.

🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin is down 8% over last week and the sellers have been hacking away at its price. We saw another attempt to keep the price above $10,000 on Sunday, but this failed as the price was quickly rejected.

We were under the impression last week that the correction had run its course, but it fell through the support area at $9,500, penetrated the second one at $9,150, and is currently playing around in this area. Keeping the price above $9,150 is crucial. Dropping through will make the first low lower in this uptrend.

While the $9,000 level may be psychologically important to some traders, it lacks strong price history and shouldn’t be providing any major support.

A short-term support zone has been added to the chart between $8,300 and $8,900; there are multiple smaller support zones inside that range. The 200-day exponential moving average will also reside in this area for the next week and will provide strong support for the buyers. Sellers will be looking to move the price back below $9,000 and further into the support zone. A move below the 200-day EMA could trigger a further selloff that would push the prices toward the lower part of the support zone.

With markets in the red it’s easy to turn bearish and forget the recent rally, but we still have many support areas left and the uptrend may continue once the sellers ease off and buyers find support.

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