Trumping Trump, Dark Web Woes

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🟠 Bitcoin Trumps Trump's Bit

The immutability of the Bitcoin blockchain can be a lovely thing - while not perfect, it does allow for some extraordinary events when it comes to market trading.

Following the increasingly larger, pandemic spread of COVID-19, US POTUS Donald Trump has strongly considered a plan to halt US air passengers, create a stay-at-home curfew, and perhaps shut down US Stock Trading, just as former President George W. Bush did for a week following the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001.

Bitcoin, however, has boasted its 99.9% uptime since 2009. Meaning, even when the markets close, Bitcoin and other cryptos will still be traded freely; this gives stock traders, seasoned investors, and many more a wonderful buying opportunity with commission-free Bitcoin investing.

"A wave of temporary fear and uncertainty" was the quote I pulled from the Investopedia article on stock markets following the 9/11 attacks in the US. S&P stocks dropped, NYSE and Nasdaq closed after falling as well. For seven days. People sell their assets when in a panic and it only makes sense to the human psyche as to why we would. For HODLers the story may be a bit different, but daily traders and newbies may outweigh the here-to-stay demographic.

Trump closing the stock markets only means more business for crypto-traders, holders, spenders, and enthusiasts. Should it come to fruition, we'll be excited to see the positive results it brings to the crypto-community.

And most importantly, we're looking forward to working in our offices again and seeing you happy, healthy, and financially free

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🕷 Caught in a Dark Web

Change prohibits payments to and from the dark web. While that is a bit of a contentious point among crypto-users, there is a lot of merit as to why such protocol is in place. Criminals exist, criminal behaviour predominantly exists, and your information, security, and personal safety is more important to us.

A recent report from the Chinese news source Jinse showed over 172 million bunches of personal data being sold at just over 0.177 Bitcoin per pop. That's around a €1,000 smackers. The private information was stolen from Weibo, a Chinese search engine. The user's phone numbers were "leaked [and] brute-matched through the address book upload interface," according to Weibo’s security director Luo Shiyao.

Chainalysis' 2019 report showcased the use of cryptocurrency in criminal activity through the dark web. Markets like UNICC netted over $20 million dollars in 2019 alone through the sale of card information predominantly stolen at a premium from Wester Europeans and United States' residents. An estimated 3 million people made these purchases for the card theft credentials.

Illicit drug sales saw a rise in 2019 as well, with vendors such as the Nightmare market (closed in July, 2019) pushing abusive drugs like fentanyl all over the world. Opioids, heroin, and other hardcore substances have resulted in over 18+ million people in America alone being left with abuse disorders and over 70+ thousand yearly deaths from overdoses. The majority of these transactions use crypto and blockchain technology - both a good and bad situation.

Thanks to the ever-increasingly insightful tools that surround cryptocurrency and blockchains, we're able now, more than ever, to follow and trace payments while still protecting user data and privacy; something intended when Bitcoin's blockchain was created. It's immutability allows payments to be tracked and managed in a way that simple, basic KYC measures complement.

Of course, the dark web has been used for normal sales, general activity, and non-nefarious means. Because the majority of the cases lean the other direction it remains important to Change and other cryptocurrency companies to be ever-watchful, mindful, and careful to never be the reason someone else gets hurt.  

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📌 Letter from our Designer

Hey Changemakers,

Konst from our product/design squad here at Change. We cherish our app for the ease of use and cleanliness it offers. We want to be simple and minimalistic for any person to easily embark on his/her crypto adventures, but at the same time we want to please our hardcore users who trade 24/7 and need some pro stuff.

So that’s been a challenge for us - how to stay simple while keeping the new features coming in. A lot of iterations are done for this and decisions are made daily. I think we are doing a pretty ok job at it. Don’t agree or have any dope ideas? Slide into my email -

By the way have you heard that we now have not only limit but stop orders as well? Yeah, it’s happening! Cheers! Oh, and don't mind my cool photo.

- Konstantin Dmitriev Change Design Team

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🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been performing extremely well in the past week and is up over 15% on the week at the time of writing.

A fresh flight of capital came into cryptocurrencies after the US announced infinite, quantitative, easing measures and promised to bail out the economy with more than a trillion Dollars.

What we're seeing on the markets may very well just be a relief rally after such a large drop. The leading cryptocurrency needs to keep its buying momentum and break heavy resistance to continue moving upwards.

The week started at the $5,700 area and the price is currently making a second attempt to go through $6,850. If this is successful, the sellers will try to offload their coins at $7,000 but this will not be much of an obstacle, considering the current momentum.

The next heavy resistance levels are at $7,700 and $8,200 and we'll need a lot of buying to cross this line. Reaching any of these levels may trigger the next selloff. Should the buying lose steam below $7,000, the sellers may be looking to drive the price down to the next support zones at $6,400 and $5,800.

While it seems that the bottom might be in, this is only for the short term. We have not yet retested any of the lows below $5,500 and it's too early to call the bottom yet after such a drop.

The chart has been switched back to the daily timeframe 🏋️‍♀️

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