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🔗 Workin' On a Chain Gang

The World Economic Forum, a Swiss organisation working to engage leaders and public figures since the early ‘70s, has recently released a report on their push for blockchain adoption in order to jumpstart the global economy following the COVID cycle.

The organisation believes that distributed ledger technology (DLT) can provide a trustworthy, sound, and speedy approach for nations and businesses to get things back underway. WEF has even created their own toolkit to assist leaders and businesses in making the adoption process easier. Their focus on supply chains for pharmaceutical, agricultural, and medical companies stem from a belief that DLTs offers a uniquely transparent and trustworthy method that can be done with minimal risk and maximum benefit.

WEF representative Sheila Warren acknowledges that going into blockchain technology can seem daunting, but she states that it’s not important to know exactly how blockchain works, but that you know what it’s for and how to use it seamlessly in your own systems.

The Forum is already working in Columbia and implementing blockchain solutions to help fight corruption by allowing records to be published publicly and without censorship. With a solid proof-of-concept and a fifty year stake in the game, it may be worth listening to them. In Warren’s own words “blockchain is already here...companies not paying attention will be left on the cutting-room floor.”

The World Economic Forum is currently working with around 100 companies and, among them, about 25 startups and future unicorns.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support 🍍

☝ Coins See 65% Gains

April has been a strong month for some various coins made available through Change.

Most notably, Chainlink has been growing upwards of 70% this month. But why? This writer believes that coins with self-created value are likely to perform similarly to stocks. Chainlink provides data feeds and oracles to financial, smart contract apps in order for them to run properly. That means that all the dApps running along with the 1Billion dollar value DeFi network have the potential to utilise the Chainlink solution.

But Chainlink has a close runner-up this month with Tezos reaching 68.9% gains. And they're real estate in the game? Real estate. It's tokenisation of real estate has been a real game-changer.  And thanks to the new network upgrade, codename Carthage, users are seeing better rewards and a faster network.

Who can complain about coming in third place? Cardano, a Swiss based blockchain, gained just over 55% this month after releasing their flagship wallet. The Cardano blockchain claims to be the most secure out there and its user's feedback recently has been nothing short of tremendous.

Might say it's about time to ditch the ****coin and altcoin conversation and start looking at these puppies like the individuals they are. Occasional rockstars.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support 🍍

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🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s week has been solid, making a breakout and increasing another 8% in value.

The price broke through the previous highs above $7,300 with relative ease and the first upside target of $7,700 from my last analysis was reached. After this breakout, the $7,500 level held and the price has been creeping upwards ever since.

There has not been significant profit taking (selling with large volumes) by larger players yet and it could be that they’re waiting for higher prices.

Bitcoin has gone up for 9 days in a row without any significant corrections. If selling and profit taking starts, it could take us down to the previous peaks, essentially a support zone formed between $7,250 and $7,550.

The daily open on the 12th of March, before the crash, was around $7,950 (varied across different exchanges). We’re now sitting in the same spot, but on the opposite side. This is a very crucial level to break for the buyers.

If the buyers manage to do it, the next resistance zone is around the $8,200 mark. There is also a trendline coming down from the highs set in February, which could be a point where buyers get exhausted. I have added additional resistance targets to the chart in case Bitcoin decides to go on a parabolic run - these are $8,500 and $9,150.

If you have any feedback or things you'd like to learn, please write to me at werner@changeinvest.com.

Werner A. Analyst and Customer Support 🚀

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