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The COVID-19 pandemic has been such a unique learning experience for us. Every aspect of what we do has changed in some way. For some, the time at home has been enlightening, but many of us have dealt with close loved ones becoming ill, depressed, or struggling in unfathomable ways.

I hope you've been able to take the silver-lining of this cloud at every opportunity. Next week's
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📉 Scam Revenue Down 33%

We hope you're as healthy as your portfolio, Changemakers.

COVID-19 has its fair share of nasty news, but Chainalysis has produced an in-depth report detailing the stark contrast between investment scam revenue prior to the outbreak and today. Roughly a 33% drop in crypto-scam revenue can be seen (down a bit from nearly 61% at the height of panic) this month. But that doesn't mean it's not a threat as new scams emerge from the pandemic.

On April 4th, nearly $400,000 had been delivered to addresses recognised as phishing, blackmail, ponzi, or otherwise notable scams; this is in comparison to a near $800,000 milestone for scammers back toward mid-January.

The culprits remain the same, a 95% encompassment of these criminals harbour themselves in Ponzi and Investment scams. A mere morsel is leftover for Phishing and Blackmail scams. Ponzi and Investment scams are seeing far less revenue during the pandemic as it's likely assumed the promise of high-yields seem far more untrustworthy during a down-market. A much smaller $3 million was sent to the top 20 investment scams from April 5th; February 16th's numbers netted criminals nearly $8 million in comparison.

We're saddened to see such blackmail cases as the outbreak has caused. Scammers claiming to have COVID-19 and threatening to infect victim's family members unless Bitcoin is sent their way. However, the report from Chainalysis claims that these attempts in the crypto-world are failing quite well, but unfortunately the fiat-side of the same scam is doing a bit better for those looking to harm the innocent.

What to watch out for:

  • Promises of "doubling money" or "offering crypto if you send crypto to an address"
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or investment pitches promising high-yields
  • Poorly worded letters, odd stories, or unknown/unpopular companies making offers

How to be prudent:

  • Make sure you know who is emailing you - did you register with them? Do you recognise the address?
  • Ensure that you look up businesses. Use the internet and research companies. Look for licenses and accreditation
  • Don't bite the bait when something is too good to be true - no one is doubling your money

🇸🇪 Sweden the Deal

Breaking the norm is a concept fairly familiar to those in the crypto-realm.

Sweden's been doing that for awhile now - education, manufacturing, and the general quality of life all tend to trend a bit differently than other nations. With less than 3% of the Nordic country being built-up, the northern state has a largely young population with around two out of ten million people being under the age of eighteen.

Sweden's reaction has been a bit different to the pandemic spread of COVID-19. Cafes, restaurants, and even schools have remained open with intrinsic safety measures being put in place to maintain healthy standards, distancing, and best practices - but no masks. Meaning, Swedes are still enjoying their traditional fika and moving about fairly freely. Something that will be reviewed quite thoroughly after COVID has its run.

But what else has the welcoming nation been up to? Riksbank, the central bank in Sweden, will be pushing stimulus packages to businesses totalling over SEK 500B (around 45 billion euros). Businesses may also be allowed to hold-off on tax payments during the pandemic. Unemployment will see positive changes for those in need, and educational outlets (including summer schooling and vocational schools) will be increased to help those currently unemployed to continue to succeed.

Quantitative easing happens with printing and stimulus. Yes. And the Krona in your pocket may not be worth as much when such packages are introduced. Cryptos like Bitcoin have a fixed supply (21 million in Bitcoin's case) which means that a finite number of them will exist - therefore creating scarcity.

But whether you see Sweden's monetary efforts as ill by the simple nature of devaluation, we're proud to see the Volvo driving, IKEA couch sitting, Surströmming consuming nation looking to care for its people in such a boisterous way.

📌 Letter from the Recruiter

Hello Changemakers!

COVID quarantines have many companies shifting to fully remote operations. Hiring for essential positions can't stop just because we’re not physically in the office; recruitment must adapt very quickly. Thankfully, we already have strong experience in recruiting remotely as we’ve moved more than half our team to Estonia from abroad. During the pandemic, we've been grateful to see two new hires

The remote interviewing process can be difficult as an interview via Google Hangouts is not quite the same as a face-to-face discussion. Candidates struggle too as they’re supposed to make a decision without seeing the company and team. Companies should have a clear vision of the position and assessment criteria in order to be 100% sure about their hiring decisions:

  • Stay in touch with candidates

Get to know them better during the interviewing process, ensure they are updated regularly, and are as ready as you for the next step

  • Be prepared and time-conscious

Recruiters should prepare all questions, use time properly and without distractions, and pause to ensure the candidate has time to give their full answer

  • Introduce your culture

Make sure the candidate knows your team. Prepare materials where candidates can find valuable information and see what culture is like in the company

Wishing you a great day and be sure to keep yourself happy and healthy

- Karina Karpenko Change Recruiter

🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis

A short-lived rise in price to the $7,450 mark held only for a few days as the sellers took control and moved the price to the $6,850 support area over the weekend. Another attempt to move the price down happened on the 13th when we went to revisit $6,600 briefly, even dipping below it. The sellers were too weak and the price eventually found support.

Bitcoin is still hugging the same support area and it’s a toss-up on whether the sellers or buyers could establish control, provided that they are able to move the price with sufficient volume. This area has been highlighted on the chart, along with previous times where it has acted as a point of control.

The 4-hour chart shows the buyers are slowly taking over, but we need additional time to confirm this based on the price action. There must be a 4-hour candle that closes below $6,600 in order for the price to move downwards. If this level fails to hold, the $6,400 and $5,800 zones would be the next possible downside targets.

For bullish momentum to be confirmed, a return above $7,200 is necessary. If buying continues above this level, it could take us up to test the $7,700 resistance level. Until either of these happen, we should be stuck in a sideways trading range between $7,200 and $6,600.

In a constant effort to improve the analysis, I'd like to ask if you have any ideas. Maybe you've found the charts hard to understand or terminology a bit confusing. Also, If there are coins you feel should be covered just let me know!

Please write to me at with your comments and suggestions and I will implement as many changes to the analysis as possible.  

Werner A. Analyst and Customer Support 🚀

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