MP3 Company Revolutionises Music

Rawr Changemakers,

Change is based in Tallinn, Estonia. We think it's the warmest little place on earth (not weather-wise of course).

Apparently a couple of local bears did too, recently. Reports of a mother and her young cub caught roaming around the Haabersti district here were flooding into local news agencies. The two must have enjoyed their vacation as mom 'n son seemed to have moved on (or have gotten better at hiding).

I believe that the bears have moved on in anticipation of a bull πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

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🎡 eMU to Revolutionise Music Industry

Remember cramming a single CD/MP3 player into your pocket and wearing some old Delta airlines headphones over your ears just to listen to NSYNC on your way to school?

eMusic does. They were the very first online marketplace for MP3 downloads (at least the legal one) from way back in 1998. Now? eMusic is set to launch its own token known simply as eMU. The time-tested company is hoping to change the unfair distribution of wealth that artists and musicians suffer from in part due to today's methods of streaming. Tamir Koch, President of eMusic, says this:

β€œStreaming has dramatically increased revenues and adoption, but the model has proven itself to be fundamentally flawed...Hard-up artists receive a fraction of the royalties...[eMU] creates a brand-new commercial model built on fair compensation and transparent flow of funds between fans, artists and music services”.

By offering eMU at a base price of $0.39, customers can guarantee the purchase of at least one song per token, will be able to interact with artists, and can also be rewarded for normal fan behaviour (or even help crowdfund their favourite artist's next gig!).

Artists will, in return, be able to see more money from royalties and have more control over it. Perhaps just as importantly, they'll be able to gain better statistical insights as to where their listeners are from, their demographics, and other important data.

Just one more way that blockchain can help revolutionise another industry.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support 🍍


πŸ“Œ Letter From the Editor

Hello Changemakers,

πŸ’²The music industry, real estate, art, crowdfunding, charity, even adult entertainment. They've all found unique solutions through blockchain in recent months.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, charitable causes have strayed from slower payments systems and relief efforts have found millions in funding coming from multiple exchanges, tokens, and other sources, as shown by Cointelegraph.

I know that explaining cryptocurrency to someone new can be a daunting task and not one that many people are willing to sit through often. Is it money? Isn't it volatile? My answer, and actually the reason this writer loves Ripple, is to drop the "money talk" and begin the technology conversation.

As Change continues to grow, we hope to be the first investment millions of people make. If you have any tips on how we can better educate newcomers, please write to me at

And Keep Rockin',

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support 🍍


πŸ”¬ Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin rose 7% and had a successful breakout from the falling wedge formation. The bulls secured the point of control zone of $9,300 and made this their first line of defence. Based on the current breakout, the price is likely to keep trending up. I am expecting a possible retest of this area before it becomes more likely to make a move up towards the red resistance zone.

In case the retest of $9,300 fails, the sellers will immediately try to take the price towards $9,150 and if this level does not hold up, it may open the door to an elevator down to $8,700 and further sideways action in this trading range that has been established.

If the price makes it all the way up to $9,800, I would advise to keep a close eye on the price action. I still think it is a very strong resistance zone, but the more times a level is tested, the more likely it is to break.

Additionally, the monthly and weekly charts are on the edge of a breakout. If we close this month Β (due to end on Sunday) above $9,350, it may pave the way for a very bullish June.

If you have any feedback or things you'd like to learn, please write to me at

- Werner A. Analyst and Customer Support πŸš€


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