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Happy April Changemakers,

Some of the most interesting news graced our desks and inboxes this week.

Once believed to be a legend, reports from researchers in the Scottish Highlands have proven the existence and continued breeding habits of "Nessie."  Formerly a fabled remnant of prehistoric times gone by, the Loch Ness Monster now breaks its paradigm of being a hoax. Research has proven multiple sightings of Nessies traveling throughout the lovely Loch Ness.

Early sightings of Nessie date back to 1870 and almost all adorn the same image: a large, humped, long-necked, dinosaur-looking creature. You can see for yourself what the newest on-camera footage of a small family of Nessies shows thanks to the special research team in the Highlands. Warning, it's adorable.

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🕹 Magic, Mages and...Markets?

"I played a lot of RuneScape."

That may be a true statement for many 25-40 year-olds in today's world. For Ivan on Tech it meant more than simply understanding MMO-style gaming and levelling up a wizard to eventually take down Solak, the Grove Guardian; it brought real-world market mechanics, charts, trading, and crypto-style actions into a playable, digital world.

In a recent video from the well-known tech reviewer, Ivan states that RuneScape "has it's own economy" and that even in "Venezuela...they actually store their wealth in RuneScape gold" as the game's economy is historically more stable. Parallels were drawn through the in-game market charts showing the rises, falls, and even pump-n-dumps of different market assets (i.e. Oak Logs December, 2019); some assets in the game showed much more stability while market manipulation came into play with other items.

"I got my first experience being dumped upon in RuneScape," continued Ivan as he explained that limiting video game use isn't always helpful as his real-word market experience first came from playing RuneScape.

With blockchain-based games gaining popularity, use cases for the technology behind it are ever-expanding:

  • You could, one day, own that diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking III, Efficiency III, and Silk Touch in Minecraft thanks to blockchain's ability to turn virtual assets into own-able assets;
  • Encrypted blockchain ledgers allow you to safely hoard your gold and that pickaxe you cherish and make scams, like Fortnite experienced with their digital currency, more difficult to orchestrate;
  • Proof-of-scarcity in items and offers means that the value for these assets can skyrocket - take CryptoKitties "Genesis Cat" that netted well over $100k;

A recent article by the New York Times suggests you shouldn't feel bad about picking up your controller, dusting off your Playstation...and getting to work.

🌡 Chainlink Chooses Celsius

Partnerships mean everything when it comes to crypto-adoption.

Ripple paid a heavy sum to partner with MoneyGram; now the XRP protocol handles 10% of MoneyGram's cross-border payments between Mexico and the U.S.A. Litecoin joined up with lending-company Cred not too long ago to allow for interest earning among LTC holders. All over the world, cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions continue to find their way into the veins of old-school finance. Usually at a cost to the crypto-company looking to prove their fit.

Now Chainlink, up around 5% in the past 24 hours on Change, has found a new buddy with Celsius - a company claiming to let you "earn interest on your crypto and instantly borrow against it." Celsius will use Chainlink's price oracles to move their transactions on-chain for greater transparency. A cry for decentralisation, or as the CEO/founder of Celsius told Cointelegraph:

"Celsius wants to be more transparent and more decentralised and that is the main driver for partnering with Chainlink.

The founder went on to state in his interview that he believes companies can benefit from gradual decentralisation without the robust need to be fully centralised or decentralised right from the beginning.

📌 Letter from the Manager

Tervist Changemakers,

These are challenging times for all of us in any business or walk-of-life. COVID-19 is affecting society at every level and emotional side. In the last two weeks we’ve seen big differences between working in-office and from working home as an entire team.

Social distancing and health measures mean we truly rely on each other to overcome. I hope people are thinking about it in every company; understand that this is the only way we can get back to normal. Health measures should be the first priority of any business and if you’re working from home, you need to put systems in place to be successful:

  • Set up your permanent work space

Dedicate a surface or a separate room rather than sitting on the couch with your computer

  • Schedule your day

Use the same timetable at home to structure your daily to-do list. Make reminders in your personal calendar. Google gives alerts!

  • Communicate with your team

You should be regularly communicating with your team. Daily check-ins, face-to-face calls, and Slack are all good choices.

  • Eat healthy, drink water, stay fit

Take a break, find time for lunch. What you eat will impact your energy level and balance; focus on nutrition and hydration
We look forward to coming out on the other end of this with you! Take care of yourself and be productive. Aitäh!

- Liina Tõnts Change HR and Office Manager

🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin has appreciated around 8% in value during the past week’s trading, reaching a high of around $6,980; it fell just short of $7,000 as buyers failed to have enough strength to reach it and retraced back to the $5,850 area.

The resistance between the $7,000 and $6,850 area has been stronger than we anticipated and a climb above $7,000 may take a ton of force. The price is likely to range between the $6,850 and $5,800 areas with $6,400 being the separator between sellers and buyers until another large push brings us out.

Pushing above $6,850 may signal a further increases in price, while a break below $5,800 may trigger a further selloff to take the prices lower. The price is currently resting below the $6,400 level, which has flipped this to a resistance zone. This puts us in the middle of the action and we will have to see which side comes out on top in the market during the course of next week.

If we look at other coins listed on Change, most of them have been in the red over the past seven days. However, Augur (REP) saw increases over 20% throughout the week. When looking at my price chart of Augur against the Dollar, you see there were resistance zones at $8.40 and $9.00, which were both overcome, resulting in the price increase. The price even reached a high of $12.00, showing that there may be additional gas in the tank.

  • If the upside continues, the next resistance zones are $12.00, $13.50 and $16.00.
  • If the sellers take control, the $8.40 and $9.00 areas will provide short term support.

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