Bulls equal a big Yee-haw

Olé Changemakers,

Can you even bear it? The bulls are here for the moment and it's got us rather excited. Portfolios are pumping right alongside these longhorned, beefy cryptos. Make sure you don't miss out on all the action 👊

🎤 To celebrate the new stampede, here's an eleven-year old, female drummer doing a cover of Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine.

Also this week, we'll be welcoming Charles as a guest Bitcoin analyst!

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🎨 Crypto's Blank Canvas

"Where art meets technology"

Visiting the website of Trevor Jones instantly greets you with these whimsical words; like visiting a new town and seeing the sign along the roadside "Welcome to Bitcoin."

But go inside of Jones' home and you may not find blankets of white, canvas sheet splattered in paint, or the shavings of pencils strewn carelessly across a sofa. Behind his desk, tirelessly working away, sits Trevor Jones - a digital pioneer and artist.

Picasso's Bitcoin Bull recently auctioned for $55,555.55 through NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway (get it? NiFTy?) and reignited Jones' passion for crypto and digital art for the eleventh time in his young career in non-fungible tokens. Jones has many positive things to say about the art world's up-and-coming mesh with blockchain technology, but even just being a digital artist has its added benefits:

🖌 Digital art remains exactly the same as when it was created and doesn't deteriorate, lose value, or require physical storage space

✂️ Artists, curators, buyers, and galleries can cut-out the costly fee of transporting fine art and simply pay a gas fee after a file share

💎 Jones has profited more than once from the first, secondary and further sales of his Picasso's Bitcoin Bull piece. Besides continued profits for artists, a single artwork can also be offered into fractional ownership

The world of NFTs is a beautiful one. People have an immense amount of ownership over digital assets that, just a few years ago, would never have been able to be held. From video games to modern Mona Lisas, blockchain has given both creator and consumer more control.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support


🤠 Bull****

Never been a better time to be in crypto.

There's also never been a better time to watch out for scams, false advertisements, and bad business. From the man who just stole over $300K in XRP (behind bars now) to the latest wave of scams falling throughout India, hackers and conmen are fine-tuning their arsenal of snake oils and schemery.

So you can avoid the 💩 and focus on the 🐂, we just want to present you with a couple of handy tips when dealing with cryptocurrency, crypto-exchanges, applications, and...people:

☝️️ Know the owner: Whether you're buying an Xbox off Craigslist or sending money to a new service for some commission-free Bitcoin, making sure you know the beneficiary to the best of your ability is paramount to ensuring your funds stay secure. When sending money to an exchange, broker, or wallet service, take full advantage of free services like TrustPilot. Be sure to research each company to better understand where they're licensed, how established they are, and (especially) how long they've been doing business.

🤞 Start small: Most people have $10. Try sending that when opening a new account. Go through some trades, play around with the service, and make sure that everything seems...copacetic. Are people asking you to send more money, are you feeling pressured to send more funds without seeing the original deposit show up, are you able to access all features of the service, to include your deposit? Everyone sends marketing emails, but scammers ask you to send specific, large amounts and promise you things like "double your money" in return.

🖖 "Too good to be true:" Someone promising you a return is a liar (or at the absolute least, a fool). Being promised double your money for sending in between 0.3ETH and 17ETH is a scam. If someone is guaranteeing you that their predictions are accurate, they are either God in the flesh or unaware of their own shortcomings. Ask yourself constantly, "if this is true, why is someone telling me this juicy information and what do they have to gain from sharing?"

Take this away. It's a beautiful time to be in crypto and blockchain tech. This is the future of digital finance and every bull market and bear market brings us closer to that. With a few, simple precautions, you can enter into every trade, each investment, and any service with confidence. If you have questions about security, compliance, or need advice on staying protected, you can contact support@getchange.com for help.

- Daniel Faubion Writer and Customer Support


🧠 Weekly Bitcoin Analysis

Bitcoin has smashed through psychological resistance at $10,000, broken out of an all-time price structure past $10,400, and testested a new high of $12,100. It is believed by many traders and investors that indicators of the next bull run may have already begun - if only we could say for sure.

Coming back to this week's price action. Bitcoin has tested and been rejected from $12,100 twice, forming a double top. If this level fails to breakthrough again, we are likely to see the price make a small retracement back to its first support at $11,000 and medium retracement to secondary support at $10,400. With the upward trend showing renewed strength with the latest pump and consolidation, continuation from first and secondary supports are very probable.

Volumes are high and tapering off with the price remaining steady. As volume generally precedes price, this could be an indication of trend continuation through the  $12,100 resistance level with steady support having been established during consolidation. Breaking resistance and finding support at this level will potentially open the doors for trading ranges between $12,100 and  $13,200 (possibly higher if demand continues to increase).

- Charles Rasmussen Junior Analyst and Customer Support

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