11.04 - 18.04 price analysis and forecast for this week ETH / USD

(Picture 1. ETH/USD 4H graph)

Last week, Ethereum began trading at $ 2,110 within the support area. Similar to bitcoin, Ethereum price surged to an all-time high at $ 2,545. A sudden drop followed this as the price fell to $ 1950. As a result of the decline, the market bears broke through the short-term trend line and the support area.

The second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum is still in an uptrend in the long term, but price corrections are also expected this week.

Moving Averages

250MA (green); 50MA (sine); 21MA (orange). When using the Moving Averages strategy, all the lines must be in correlation with one another. Moving Averages crossovers are a great way to detect changing trends and understanding which way the price might change.
Example: A strong bull market (bullish) trend is when the price trades above 250MA. Also, 50MA and 21MA lines are above 250MA. Also, 21MA must be higher than 50MA.

  • Moving averages correlate with each other, but 21MA is very close to breaking below 50MA moving average.
  • At the time of writing, the price is trading below 21MA and 50MA, which indicates a short-term cooling of the bulls' power.
  • 250MA acted as a support area, and the market respected it.

RSI – Relative Strength Index

(picture 2. ETH/USD 4H-graph RSI)

  • Looking at the price chart and the indicator chart, we can clearly see the divergence in favor of the bulls.
  • This week, there is a potential for double divergence, which can indicate the continuing bull market.

Support, resistance, trendlines

(Picture 3. (trend/support/resistance)

  • Last week, market bears broke through a short-term trend line.
  • The price respected the mid-term trend line, the 250MA moving average line, and the resistance area. As a result, the price of Ethereum increased.

For this week

Corrections of Ethereum price are expected this week. In all likelihood, market bears are trying to push the price down. The mid-term trend line and short-term support area are especially critical. If the bears break through it, there is a potential that the price will fall again to the $ 1950 area.

This week, the potential for double divergence in RSI can be expected, especially if it happens in the area of short-term support and near the mid-term trend line. This would once again be a strong indication in favor of bulls.

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